The Aruba 360 Secure Fabric is a security framework and partner ecosystem that enables business and reduces cyber risk. Aruba’s intelligence-powered security is delivered via a market leading and highly secure network infrastructure, NAC for granular access control, and UEBA for detection and response to stealthy inside threats. With Aruba, enterprises regain visibility and control of their modern, multi-vendor infrastructures. Learn more at


The CISO's Guide to Machine Learning and UEBA

This guide provides CISO’s with the principles of Machine Learning (ML) – and provides a framework to help determine whether ML and UEBA are a fit for your organization and how to plan and execute its adoption.

Compromised User and Host Detection using Behavioral Analytics

Traditional systems such as IDS/IPS or SIEM are ill equipped to detect credential-based advanced attacks. IntroSpect combines multi-dimensional analytics, diverse data sources, and integrated forensics to provide analysts with benefits unachievable via other UEBA solutions.

UEBA Use Case: Insider Attack Identification with Introspect

IntroSpect can help analysts detect and investigate insider threats posed by negligent and malicious insiders. It uniquely does this by observing users over long time periods, gleaning security insights by applying machine learning-based analytics, and correlating all activity back to the users.

Aruba ClearPass

This white paper discusses the key differentiators for Aruba ClearPass network access control, providing visibility, control and security response. What's on your network?