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Power to the People - GDPR, Trust, and Data Privacy

The European General Data Privacy Regulation presents organizations with an historical opportunity to build trust with customers, and establish a brand built on respect for consumer data privacy in a time of digital transformation. Download our white paper to learn more.

Top 12 Requirements for an IoT Ready Identity Platform

Organizations in all industries are looking to take advantage of the opportunities that the IoT offers, but how to select an identity solution that can handle the complexity and scale of the IoT? Download this report to learn about the 12 requirements for an IoT ready IAM platform.

Internet of Things Reference Architecture

Managing and securing the IoT is a critical step for organizations looking to deliver on their digital business objectives, like personalization and real-time data analysis. Download this white paper to learn the basics behind an IoT-ready identity platform.

Using Digital Identity to Create Personalized Smart Customer Experiences

Digital identity is a proven technology for businesses to provide secure, personalized, high-touch experiences designed specially for individual customers. ForgeRock shows you how.